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 How to Include a Sticker

Looking how to add/upload stickers of your own? See this article.

Flubaroo can include a sticker or badge when sharing grades with students. The sticker will show up at the top-right of both emails and Google Docs:


You can include a sticker by first opening the "Share Grades" window:

Once there, click the "Show Advanced Options" link, and then "Setup Sticker". Both are shown in red squares below:


A window will pop-up (see below) asking you to:
  • Explicitly indicate that you'd like to include a sticker (be sure to check this box).
  • Enter the student's percent score at or above which a sticker will be included.
  • Pick the sticker you'd like to send.
    Scroll left and right to find one you like, and then click it to select.

Finally, click "Done" and your sticker will be included if a student scores at or above the percent you set.