Hi Flubaroo'doers!

To mark the release of Flubaroo 3.0, I'm having a contest to create a new Flubaroo logo. This will replace the chalkboard logo (right), which has been in use since 2010. The new design will also be used as an icon in the Chrome Web Store, once Flubaroo is available there.

The winner will get their name evangelized on this site, on edCode G+ page, and in the Flubaroo code! Plus I'll throw in a free Flubaroo bumpersticker. :) Not to mention the biggest reward... thousands of teachers across the globe will see your design daily!

To Vote:

Just visit this photo album and +1 any logo that you like! You can vote for just one, or all of them if you like. Check back later for more submissions, too! Voting closes July 31.

If you're unable to access it, first make sure you're logged into Google+ and are a follower of the edCode.org Google+ page.

To Participate:

Read the guidelines, instructions, and rules below. By submitting a design, you implicitly agree to the terms below.

Some Guidelines:
  • Serious submissions only please.
  • Try to aim for a clean looking logo. Nothing too busy or crowded.
  • Don't put the word "Flubaroo" in the logo, or any other words for that matter. This should be a purely graphical logo. Having the letter "F" in there is OK, though, if it's used as part of the graphic.
  • Nothing copyrighted or otherwise illegal for me to use or distribute. This must be your own original design, or based off of public domain resources that are allowed to be used in commercial apps and websites.
    Instructions on Design and Submissions:
    • PNG format only. 3 different sizes must be provided (see below).
    • Because this logo will be used as an icon on the Chrome Web Store, your submission must also conform to these guidelines. Per those guidelines, you must submit an:
      • Apps Icon (128x128 px) - This will be used both in the Chrome Web Store, and within Flubaroo.
      • Basic Promotional Image (440x280 px)
    • Please also provide a slightly larger version of the Apps Icon (approx. 350x300) for use on the site, and in the voting.
    • You may make more than one submission, if you like.
    • Once you're done, send an email (1 per submission) to dave@edcode.org with the subject "Flubaroo Logo Contest Submission". I will post the larger Apps Icon version to the voting album for you as soon as I can.  
    • Don't ask random people, friends, relatives or co-workers to vote for your design. Voting should be done by people who actually use Flubaroo. If you know of other teachers who use Flubaroo, you can encourage them to vote.
    The Rules (aka the "fine print"):
    • The contest will run from June 24 - July 31, 2013..
    • A submission cannot win if it has less than 20 votes.
    • Dave (dave@edcode.org) retains the right to decide the ultimate winner, if any, regardless of votes. Heavy emphasis will be placed on votes in the decision making process, though.
    • If your submission is picked as the winner, you may be asked to make small tweaks to it if deemed necessary.
    • If your submission is picked as the winner, you relinquish all rights to design, and grant dave@edcode.org exclusive rights to use it in any way in the Flubaroo product or in Flubaroo marketing.