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Just in time for Fall: Grading By Hand, More Languages, and Faster Grading

posted Jul 20, 2015, 3:59 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Jul 27, 2015, 3:12 PM ]
I'm happy to announce some new features, just in time for Fall!
[Image used with permission from the Google For Education G+ post]

Grade By Hand:
Flubaroo now supports a brand-new feature called "Grade By Hand". Now with this long-awaited feature, you can assign any score you like to a question in Flubaroo. For example, you could grade a short-answer question, an essay, or even something captured with a smartphone's camera (provided the student submits the photo's link). 

Read all about it in this help center article.

House Keeping:
I've made some improvements behind the scenes, including:
    1. Flubaroo now remembers your selections for Steps 1 & 2 of grading!
    2. Speed! You should find grading a little bit speedier now, especially for the Autograde feature.

More Languages:
Flubaroo now supports Portuguese, Polish, Danish and Czech, thanks to contributions from these dedicated folks:
    • Danish: Michael Merrild
    • Polish: Andrzej Batorski
    • Portuguese: José Tavares, Fabricio Garmus, Rodrigo Vale
    • Czech: Marek Adler

Happy Grading!