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Terms of Use

edCode.org is a community of teachers and developers creating free, open-source tools for education, primarily on the Google Apps platform. 

Student and User Privacy

We take seriously our obligation to protect the privacy of student records under the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act (FERPA).

As such, we make the following commitments to users of our publicly-available tools:

Limitations of our Obligations, and Support

At this point in time edCode.org is committed to offering its tools at no cost to educators, however we assume no legal responsibility for their misuse by end users, nor do we make any guarantees of their quality or reliability.  Because we store no student data outside of the end-user’s Google Drive account, the potential failure of our tools generally poses no privacy risk, but we cannot offer a 100% guarantee of this.  

While we make every effort to ensure their functionality, the tools we develop exist within a fast-moving product ecosystem in which things break and may need to be fixed from time to time.  We enthusiastically welcome all users of our tools as partners in their development and refinement, but we ask that you engage with us with the following norms when seeking our support:


We are thrilled by the interest and evangelism that many of our free tools have generated.  If you are blogging about, or offering paid or unpaid consultancy or presentation services that explicitly reference our work we ask that you please give prominent attribution to both the tool authors and edCode.org. In addition, we ask that you please ensure clarity that you are not in any way a representative of our organization. 

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