Get Support via the Discussion Forum

Flubaroo not working? Flubaroo is a free tool that's maintained part-time. There is no dedicated support email or phone number. But you can get quick answers and support via the Flubaroo Discussion Forum (see below), where users help one another. Be sure to read the tips below before you post your issue!

How to Post to the Discussion Forum

Step 1: Check the Forum for Announcements

If there's a broadly known problem, there will be a recent announcement that should show near at the top of the forum. If this is the case, sit tight - it will usually be resolved within a day. The post will be made once the issue's fixed.

Step 2: Search the Forum

Flubaroo has many users, so it's very likely your same issue has been addressed before on the forum. Use the search box at the top to conduct a quick search. A few minutes of searching will save you more time than waiting for a response to a new issue.

Step 3: Post Your New Issue

If you can't find an existing solution to your issue, then click the red "New Topic" button in the forum to report your problem. Or if you prefer, you can directly email the forum at this address:

Hopefully someone will get back to you soon, such as Dave Abouav (Flubaroo author) or Joe Schmidt (an active contributor to the forum).

When posting your issue, be sure to:

    1. Include a detailed description of what went wrong. Get your issue resolved sooner by clearly describing your problem the first time!

    2. Include a screenshot, if applicable.

    3. [Optional] Share your Spreadsheet (not the Form) with, and give Edit access. This grants access only to Dave and Joe, and will allow them to more quickly diagnose your issue. You can remove sharing access at any time. Be sure to also paste the link to it in your email so we can access it more quickly.

Here's an example of a great email requesting help: