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 Warning When Changing Student Identifiers

Why Am I Seeing This Warning?
When re-grading an assignment, Flubaroo retains any grade-related data from your previously existing Grades sheet. This includes the following items:
  1. Whether the student already received their grade ("Emailed Grade" column).
  2. Student feedback entered by the teacher (hidden "Feedback for Student" column)
  3. Scores and teacher comments for "Grade by Hand" questions.
To retain this data during the re-grading process, Flubaroo cross-references the entries in the existing Grades sheet with those from the Student Submission sheet. 

However, if you change the "Identifies Student" questions (i.e. you change how Flubaroo recognizes students), Flubaroo can no longer cross-reference the entries correctly. As a result, any of the information listed above will be lost when the new Grades sheet is created.

How Can I Get Around This?
One option is of course to not change which questions identify the students after you grade the first time. But if you must do this, consider first making a duplicate of your existing Grades sheet, as shown below:

You can then proceed with re-grading, and afterwards use this duplicate as a reference to copy over the information listed above*. 

* Caveat: Copying over teacher comments for "Grade by Hand" questions is difficult, as this information is buried in hidden rows further down in the Grades sheet. If you absolutely need these copied over, and don't feel confident in doing it yourself, post a message to the Flubaroo support forum for help.