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Here in no particular order are some things that I hope adventurous teachers will enjoy.

In all examples using an Arrayformula, be sure to use the Add-on Crop Sheet or manually delete the extra rows before adding the Arrayformula.

How to grade each submission separately so that Flubaroo doesn't grade only the last submission. I also included a method to create a sheet with the grades sorted by student and time submitted.

Grading each submission individually

Formulas used in video.
  •  =ArrayFormula(row(A2:A))
  • =query(arrayformula(Grades!A8:F), " where E > -1 order by C,B,A ",1)

Here is a video to show how to create certificates or badges using Autocrat with Flubaroo data.

Creating a certificate or badge using Autocrat

Here are the formulas using in this video:
  • =ArrayFormula(vlookup(A2:A,Grades!A9:F,6,"false"))
  • =ArrayFormula(text(E2:E,"##0.0%"))

Here is a method to Grade or Comment in the Student Submission sheet.
This is another option in addition to the Hand Grade option in Flubaroo.

You can use filters or formula to make the grading or commenting easier.

How to Grade or Comment in the Student Submission Sheet.

Here is the formula using in this video
This is not meant to replace the Hand Grading option.  It is just another way.  You get to choose which works best for you.

Here is a method to Add subtotals to the grade by adding formulas to the Student Respons sheet.
Use the Offset Function to add subtotals or math equations.  Works with Autograde.

Adding Subtotals

Here are some of the formula used in this video:

%=offset(flb_response,-$b$5 -10 , -1) + offset(flb_response,-$b$5 -10 , -2)  add columns 1 and 2 to the left.
%=sum(offset(flb_response,-$b$5 -10 , -3) : offset(flb_response,-$b$5 -10 , -2))  Using Sum function 

Here is a method to Grade the student's math using their input values from the form.
Use the Use the flb_response_prev1 and flb_response tokens.  Works with Autograde.

How to grade math questions using values input by the student.

You can copy the spreadsheet here Click here to copy the example spreadsheet.

%=IF(ABS(FLB_RESPONSE_PREV1-FLB_RESPONSE)<0.05,1,0) Checks the absolute difference between the correct answer and the student's answer. Set 0.05 to the amount of range allowed. .05 means that the answer must be plus or minus .05.