Flubaroo Add-on for new Google Sheets!

Post date: Mar 11, 2014 5:15:59 PM

Haven't you heard? Google is launching a new version of Google Sheets which is even better than before!! The new Google Sheets also supports Add-ons, which extend the capabilities of the spreadsheets. Much like apps for your smartphone, these Add-ons can be written by anyone, rated by users, and of course installed by you. And now, the Add-on for Flubaroo is available to install!

By sheer coincidence, this comes exactly 3 years after the first version of Flubaroo was released. So to celebrate the Add-on, and Flubaroo's 3rd birthday, I'm excited to introduce a brand-new logo for Flubaroo! Big thanks to Katelyn Zaleski who used her awesome creative skills to design the new logo!

You'll find that Flubaroo runs much faster in the new Google Sheets, so your grading should take even less time than before! Add-ons also only need to be installed once (not in each spreadsheet), and support auto-updates. That means you now only need to install Flubaroo once, and forever more you'll have the latest and greatest version!

If you're already using the new Google Sheets, you can install the Add-on using the button below! And while you're there, be sure to rate and review it!

If you're still using the old version of sheets for now, that's OK. You can still continue to use Flubaroo as usual by installing it from the Script Gallery. But the version of Flubaroo in the Script Gallery will no longer be updated or actively supported. So why wait? Upgrade to the new Google Sheets today!!

Happy Flubaroo'ing!!