Flubaroo Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade an existing installation of Flubaroo to the new version, follow these instructions before installing the new version of Flubaroo from the script gallery. You'll need to do this on any spreadsheet that already has Flubaroo installed, if you want to use the new version.

1. Open the spreadsheet that has Flubaroo installed.

2. From the "Tools" menu, select "Script Editor".

3. A new window will pop up. If you see the name "Flubaroo" on the left, as in the picture below, click on the name. If you don't, then move to the next step.

4. From the "File" menu in this same window, select "Delete":

5. When asked if you want to delete the project, click on Yes:

6. You've now deleted the old version of Flubaroo! You can close this window, and then install Flubaroo from the Script Gallery to get the latest version (Insert -> Script).

7. After installing the new version, you'll need to regrade the assignment before you can use features like reporting or emailing grades.