New Ways to Share Grades!

Post date: Nov 25, 2015 8:01:41 PM

With this latest Flubaroo update you can now Share Grades via Google Drive, and also Print Out hard-copies of grades to distribute. Read below for more details.

Share Grades via Google Drive

Notice that the familiar "Email Grades" in the Flubaroo menu is now called "Share Grades".

This reflects the fact that email is no longer the only way to share grades with students! If you choose to share via Google Drive, each student will get their own Google Doc with a summary of their grades, similar to the example below:

You'll own all of the shared documents, which will be neatly stored in a folder in your Drive:

Students will be able to find their document in the "Shared With Me" section of their Drive. And if you chose to share grades via both email and Drive, then the student's email will also have a link to their shared document at the top.

Checkout this article to learn more about sharing grades via Google Drive.

Print Grades

For those of you who need hard-copies, such as for younger students, you can now also print grades as well! Flubaroo will generate a single Google Doc with grade reports for all students that can easily be printed out and distributed to students. See this article for more details on how to print grades.

I hope you enjoy the new additions. Please email any suggestions or issues to the Flubaroo Discussion Forum (

Dave (author of Flubaroo)