Customize Flubaroo's Email Sender Identity

You can change the name used by Flubaroo when sending emails to students.

By default, Flubaroo tries to send emails as If your domain doesn't support noreply@ addresses, then Flubaroo will instead send email as:

"Flubaroo Grader" <>

If you would prefer Flubaroo not even try to send email from the noreply@ address, and instead send from your-email@, then check this box in Flubaroo's Advanced Options window:

Further, if you would like to change "Flubaroo Grader" to something else, then update this field in Flubaroo's Advanced Options window:

Note that the name change won't apply unless the checkbox above is also checked. In other words, it is not possible to customize the sender's name when noreply@ is used as the sender's email.