Extra Credit Questions

Flubaroo can count a question as "Extra Credit", which means the student doesn't lose any points if they get the question incorrect.

For example, say you have four questions that are 1 point each, and one "extra credit" question for 1 point. The total points possible will 4 points, but a student may earn up to 5 points on the assignment (5 / 4 = 125%) if they get the extra credit question correct. Similarly they could earn a perfect score (4 / 4 = 100%) if they miss one question but get the extra credit question correct.

The ability to mark questions as Extra Credit is not enabled by default. To enable it, first go to the Advanced Options menu

Next, check the box entitled "Allow extra credit when assigning points to questions":

After you click "Submit", grade your assignment and you will see an "Extra Credit" column in Step 1 of grading:

Simply put a check for those questions you wish to count as extra credit and continue grading as normal.

Important Notes:

    • Disabling the extra credit feature in the Advanced Options menu will not affect questions that were already marked as extra credit. To remove extra credit, you must re-grade the assignment and uncheck the box in Step 1 of grading.

    • There is currently no notification in the emails or doc shared with students that a particular question was an extra credit one. To make this clear, you may wish to indicate this somewhere in the question text (i.e. "This is an extra credit question").