Quizzes in Google Forms

Flubaroo vs Quizzes in Google Forms As of June 2016, Google offers a great feature in Forms called "quizzes". With this feature, any Google Form can be turned into a self-grading quiz with scores shared easy with students. You may be wondering when to use this new few feature, and when to use Flubaroo. Each offers distinct advantages.

You can now turn any Google Form into a quiz / assessment.

Quizzes in Forms

Quizzes in Forms is quick and easy to setup. It works entirely in the Form, meaning it doesn't require use of a spreadsheet and you don't need to install an Add-on to use it. Quizzes in Forms also has great integrated reporting, making it easy to gain useful insights into class performance. All-in-all, it's a great tool for running quizzes and assessments.

You should be aware that it's methods for grading are less sophisticated than Flubaroo's, meaning this is most ideally used for simple assessments involving just multiple choice or checkbox questions. And while students can immediately see their score upon submission (if you let them), scores shared via email require that you auto-collect email addresses upon Form submission. That means quiz takers must be logged in with their Google Apps account. Also at this time you cannot manually score a student's response, but Google says this is coming soon.


Flubaroo is also an easy-to-use tool that can be used for basic assessments. But it's biggest value is for teachers who want more customization and control, and advanced grading options not available with quizzes in Forms. For example, with Flubaroo you can:

    • Send a personalized message to each students.

    • Grade questions that have more than one correct answer, that are case-sensitive, that have extra or partial credit, or that must be within a numerical range (for math).

    • Grade open-ended questions, and add comments on a student's answer.

  • Share grades via email (even without a Google account), as well as via Google Drive, and/or a print-out. The latter two are essential for schools where student email is turned off.

In a nutshell, Flubaroo is a great tool to explore once you've mastered simple assessments and want to take things to the next level, or if your school has student email turned off.

Checkout this popular blog post, which contains a side-by-side feature comparison between the two solutions.

Use them Together!

It should also be noted that you can easily use both tools together if you like, since the results of a quiz in Forms can be sent to a spreadsheet. For example, you can run a simple assessment with quizzes in Forms, and then later use Flubaroo to manually review a question that you didn't auto-score in the Form.