Share Grades via Drive

Typically in Flubaroo grades are shared via email. But in some cases you may not be able to send emails, such as if your school district has not enabled student email. In this case, follow these instructions to share grades via Google Drive.

1) Select "Share Grades" from the main menu.

2) In the first pull-down menu, select the question that collected student email addresses. Note that email addresses are still required to share via Google Drive, even though no actual emails will be sent. These are the same email addresses that your students use to login to Google Drive, and serve to identify the students in your school's domain.

3) In the second pull-down menu, choose the second option.

(If you want to share via both Google Drive and email, you can pick the third option.)

4) Choose whether you want to include a list of questions and scores in the shared reports, and whether to include the answer key. You may also enter a message that's included in each student's report. These steps are identical to what you'd do to email the grades.

5) Click 'Continue'.

What Happens Next:

  • If not already present, Flubaroo will create a folder in your Drive called

  • "Flubaroo - Shared Grades". Inside this folder Flubaroo will then create a folder with the same name as your assignment (spreadsheet). The folder structure will look like the example below:

  • Flubaroo will create a Google document for each student. These documents will be placed in the folder already mentioned, as shown in the example below:

  • You will own all of the documents, and each student will have "Comment" access to their document.

  • You will have to tell students to look in their "Shared With Me" to find it. No notification email is sent about the document being shared with them.

  • If you share via the "both" method, the email the students receive will also have a link to the document at the top.

  • If the student's document is initially blank, have them reload it after 4-5 minutes. Sometimes Google is a bit slow in writing out the contents of the document.