Standards Based Grade Reporting

If you use standards based grade reporting, then you may not wish to show the student the number of points they received, or the equivalent percentage score, when sharing grades with students. To accommodate this in Flubaroo, you can adjust if/how the score is reported to students.

To do so, go to Flubaroo > Advanced > Advanced Options. In the Advanced Options window, scroll down to find this section:

Then, pull down the menu and select the option you'd like for reporting:

Finally, click the "Submit" button to save your changes. These changes will apply to all spreadsheets where Flubaroo is used.

If you need to still report some type of grade to the student, consider using the Student Feedback feature in Flubaroo to enter this manually, as shown below:

Type your feedback for each student in the blue column in the Grades sheet, and they will receive it when their grades are shared with them.