Flubaroo Joe

If you've ever had a question answered on our help forum, the answer likely came from Joe Schmidt, aka "Flubaroo Joe".

Joe is a retired I.T. professional who volunteers his time to help teachers all over the world with their technology troubles. Whether you're a classroom teacher in California or an online educator in Spain, Joe's always glad to answer a question, or even hop on a Hangout to help. At this point, he's answered thousands of questions from users across the globe. He says he's blessed to be able to help Flubaroo users, and that "it beats gardening".

Here's a bit about Joe in his own words...

I really enjoy helping teachers. From the newest user of Flubaroo to the teacher who wants to be more adventurous. I enjoy a good puzzle but please ask for help before you have committed to something that you don't know how to do in Flubaroo.

I am very happy that Dave lets me make suggestions to improve Flubaroo. We have become a team connected by the desire to help teachers.

I have met some wonderful people via email, a chat window, or a Hangout. The more I can see of your problem, the quicker we can find a solution.

I'm not old but I started working with IBM cards in 1964. I'm thankful that my wife of more than 50 years lets me enjoy this hobby.

On behalf of Flubaroo's creator and users, thank you, Joe, for the time you put into helping so many. Without you, Flubaroo could not be such a success in helping teachers.