Try Flubaroo Now

You can try Flubaroo now by grading a sample assignment.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Flubaroo in the G Suite Marketplace.

  2. Click on the blue "INSTALL" button.

    1. After selecting your account, you'll be asked to "Allow" Flubaroo to access your relevant account data. To proceed, scroll down and click "Allow".

      1. If you have questions about exactly what you're authorizing, please see here.

    2. A new, blank spreadsheet will open with Flubaroo installed.

    3. Want some sample data to grade? Click this link for sample data. In the spreadsheet that opens, copy all of the data. Then return to your new, blank spreadsheet and paste the data (starting in cell A1). Your blank spreadsheet will now resemble the sample one.

    4. Select "Grade Assignment" from the Flubaroo menu, and follow the instructions in the Overview.