Deck the Halls with Flubaroo "autograde"

Post date: Dec 5, 2014 11:27:37 PM

Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah! It's time for a holiday release of Flubaroo!

Some new bells and whistles in this release:

Flubaroo also now includes the student's grade as a percent in the email sent to them, in addition to their raw points.

Grade Assignments Automatically:

But the biggest star of this release is the new autograde feature, which allows students to automatically (and quickly) receive their grades after submitting their response. This is useful when you want students to get their results quickly, and without your intervention. Given the quick feedback, it also allows for students to quickly re-submit after reviewing their performance.

The autograde feature can also be used for teacher or employee development by setting up a self-grading exam. Teachers will receive an email indicating their score, and the exam administrator can easily check the Grades sheet to see who in their organization has/hasn't passed.

To learn more about autograde, and how to set it up, see the help article.

How Do I Get The New Version?

If you're using the Flubaroo Add-on in the new Google Sheets, then you already have the new version! To verify, check that you're running "Version 18" by selecting: Flubaroo > About Flubaroo.

HUGE thanks to freelance developer Andrew Roberts for contributing much of the code to make autograde a reality, helping Beta test it, and doing a lot of cleanup of the Flubaroo code along the way!

Enjoy the new features, and have a Happy Holiday Season!