Using Flubaroo Autograde

With the Flubaroo "autograde" feature, your students can receive their grades almost immediately after submitting their response. Emails will usually be sent within a minute, though often much more quickly!

If Autograde stopped working, try to uninstall and reinstall  Flubaroo.  The script may have been updated.

To enable autograde, follow these steps, or watch this 2 minute video.

1) Enable Autograde

From the menu select: Flubaroo > Advanced > Enable Autograde, as shown below:

2) Setup or Update Settings

If you have not graded the assignment before, Flubaroo will require you to setup your grading and email settings. These are the same settings you configure when you grade your assignment manually. If you have previously graded the assignment (either manually or with autograde), Flubaroo will ask you if you'd like to update these settings. You can click Yes or No, depending on your preference.

During this process, you will be walked through the same Step1 & Step2 windows that you see when grading manually (to select points and the answer key), and you'll additionally be shown the "Share Grades" window to specify your email settings. While this process may seem familiar (from normal grading), it won't actually result in your assignment being graded, or in any emails being sent yet.

3) Initial Grading

If students have submitted responses since the last time grading occurred, Flubaroo will also ask you if you want to first grade those responses before turning on autograde. If you click "Yes", then grading will commence using your saved options. If you click "No", then those responses won't get graded until a new response is submitted. Note that this window will also pop-up the very first time you enable autograde in a sheet.


4) Watch the Magic!

Once done, you'll see this pop-up notice in the bottom-right corner of your screen:

Any new submission made to the sheet will result in autograde grading it and sending an email to the submitter (based on the grading and email options you set). You can close the spreadsheet, or keep it open if you prefer.

As the warning says, you should not make any changes to either the 'Student Submissions' or 'Grades' sheet while autograde is enabled, since Flubaroo will be reading and writing to these sheets automatically, and without notice.

5) Disable Autograde

Note that while autograde is enabled, you cannot perform any of the normal Flubaroo actions. When you are ready, you can disable autograde by selecting from the menu: Flubaroo > Disable Autograde.

Important Information