Autograde's Different Ways of Working

Autograde is a useful Flubaroo feature that allows grading and sharing of grades to take place as soon as students submit their responses. There are two ways in which autograde can be used, described below.

IMPORTANT: Before May 2016, method #2 was always used. After this date, method #1 has become the new default, including for spreadsheets in which autograde was already enabled.

1. Normal Operation (Default): Autograde will grade only the most recent student submissions made since it last ran. For example, say 60 submissions have previously been graded. If an additional 3 submissions were quickly made by students, Flubaroo's autograde would grade only these and insert 3 new rows into the existing Grades sheet. Unlike with normal grading in Flubaroo, the Grades sheet will contain a row for each and every submission (including multiple submissions from the same student), and each and every submission will result in an email being sent to the student.

2. One Submission per Student: In the Flubaroo "Advanced Options" menu, you can tell Flubaroo's autograde to only grade the most recent submission per student:

This is the same as how grading works in Flubaroo when not using autograde. If a student submitted a response more than once, Flubaroo will only grade their most recent submission. To do this, autograde must reprocess the entire "Student Submissions" sheet, and replaces your existing Grades sheet.

Not sure which to use? See the table below for help:

Comparing the Two Methods of Operation:

For the best of both worlds, use the default while the students are taking the quiz and perform a re-grade when they are finished to get a summary with only the last submission being counted.