New Grading Options in Flubaroo: Extra Credit and Checkbox!

Post date: Dec 10, 2015 6:23:25 PM

Keeping the new features train rolling, I'm excited to share 2 new ways to grade questions in Flubaroo!

Extra Credit:

First, have you ever wanted to give your students extra credit on a particular question or two? No problem! Now you can mark questions as "Extra Credit" when grading:

The ability to mark questions as "Extra Credit" must be enabled in the Advanced Options menu, and is described in detail in this Help Article.

Partial Credit:

Second, would you like to give partial credit for students who check just some of the right boxes in questions like these?

Now you can using the special %cb operator in your answer key to do so. Read full details in this Help Article.

Other Changes:

With this release I've also changed two small things in the grades that get shared with students:

    1. In addition to seeing the points they received on each question in emails (i.e. "0 points" or "+1 point"), students will now also see how many points a question was worth (i.e. "0 / 1 points").

    1. When including your answer key in emails to students, the special operators "%or" and "%to" are now displayed as || and →.

    2. And the "%cs" and "%cb" operators aren't shown at all.

    3. Examples:

      • Your answer key: red %or %blue %or green. Student sees in email: red || blue || green

      • Your answer key: 3.14 %to 3.15. Student sees in email: 3.14 → 3.15

      • Your answer key: %cs Sacramento. Student sees in email just: Sacramento

Enjoy the new features, and Happy Hanukkah!