Spring Cleaning and Updates for Flubaroo

Post date: May 16, 2016 9:48:11 PM

I've been hard at work the past 2 weeks on a long list of Flubaroo To Do's (Flubatodo's?). Here's what's new:

Google Apps Marketplace:

Flubaroo is now (finally!) available as an app in the Google Apps Marketplace. This means your school's IT Admin can install it for all teachers in the school at once. This also makes Flubaroo available in schools where Add-ons are disallowed. Be sure to let your IT Admin or Ed Tech coordinator know ASAP!

Enhanced Autograde:

Autograde can now handle an unlimited number of submissions, and can even be left running 24/7 to handle things like online exams. And it now processes submissions much more quickly, which means less waiting for your students. See here for more about its new behavior.

More Control for Checkbox Questions:

Flubaroo could already grade checkbox style questions for partial credit. And by default, wrong choices take away points. But now you can control exactly how, if at all, wrong choices affect the student's score on the question. The %cb modifier now accepts an optional number after it to put this in your control. Read the help center article on %cb for more details.

Updates to "Grade by Hand" tool:

The tool used to grade questions by hand has been improved. It's now faster, and for your convenience will auto-advance to the next student after you submit a score. Or, have it auto-advance to the next question instead (just change the option in the Advanced Options menu for this).

Formulas for Power Users:

For you Flubaroo power users out there, you can now use custom formulas in the Grades sheet to grade according to your own rules. See the new Flubaroo Power Users area for more details.

Two New Grading Options:

You can use these two new grading options. Note: You must first enable them from the Advanced Options menu:

  1. You can now choose to "Ignore" a question, which means it won't show up at all in the Grades sheet, or in grades shared with students.

  2. You can now choose "Copy for Reference" on a question. This is useful if you want to include a column of information in the Grades sheet for reference, but not actually have it affect the grades or emails sent. For example, you may want to duplicate a column that contains the submissions for a particular question, and then reference it in the Grades sheet when Grading by Hand. See this help center article for more details and an example.


Special thanks for our super-star volunteer Joe Schmidt. Not only does he answer all of your support questions on the forum, but he's also been extremely helpful in helping me develop and test these new features. And thank you to our community of translators who added and updated translations for Italian, Bulgarian, Finnish and French for this release!

Thanks everyone your continued use and support of Flubaroo. All the best for a happy summer!

Flubaroo Dave