Add More Stickers

Add More Stickers

You may want to expand past the few default stickers included with Flubaroo. Good news: You can add your own stickers and badges too!

To add your own stickers, first create a folder in your Google Drive called: "Flubaroo - Stickers", like so:

Be sure to set the permissions on the folder to "Anyone with the link can View", which ensures that stickers added to this folder will always work properly in Flubaroo. See below:

You can now upload your own images to this folder. They will immediately show up in the preview area when you include a sticker.

When creating your own images for stickers & badges, please adhere to these requirements:

    • PNG or JPG format only (all others will be ignored)

    • Between 100px to 200px high (200px is ideal)

    • Between 100px to 300px wide

Note that all images will be formatted to show as 200px high in emails and documents. So an image that already has a height of 200px is ideal to ensure the image looks its best.