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New Ways to Share Grades in Flubaroo!

posted Nov 26, 2016, 4:09 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Nov 26, 2016, 11:08 PM ]

Today's release includes new ways to customize the information  students see when you share grades with Flubaroo. Read on to learn all about it!

Select Which Questions to Include:
When sharing grades, you can now specify if you want to include only questions that the student got correct, incorrect, or both. See this article for instructions.

Hide a Student's Own Responses:
When Flubaroo shares grades with students, by default it will quote the response that a student gave to each question. You can now change this behavior though so that a student's own response will not be quoted. This can help with concerns about sharing answers with other students post-quiz. See this article for details.

Support for Standards Based Grade Reporting:

Does your school use a standards based method for reporting grades, rather than traditional letter grades or percentages? If so, this may help. You can now choose to hide the students percentage score, and even their point score, when sharing grades. See this article for more.

Other Improvements:
  • You can now assign more than 10 points per question [article].

  • Customize the email sender name that students see [article].

  • There's now an option to include the answer key for "Grade by Hand" questions when sharing grades.
    Look for the checkbox in "Advanced Options".

We hope you find these improvements useful! And as always, we love feedback. Happy Holidays!

The Flubaroo Team

Send Stickers and Badges with Flubaroo!

posted Nov 26, 2016, 4:05 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Nov 27, 2016, 9:42 AM ]

Now you can surprise and delight your students by including a digital "sticker" when you share grades with them. Or reward them for a high score with a digital badge! There are even some fun stickers already included to get you started.

See the articles listed below for clear instructions on how to get going. Give it a try with your students today!

We hope you and your students like this new feature!

-- The Flubaroo Team

Get these professionally designed stickers to use in your class! They were custom made for Flubaroo.

Spring Cleaning and Updates for Flubaroo

posted May 16, 2016, 2:48 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated May 16, 2016, 3:19 PM ]

I've been hard at work the past 2 weeks on a long list of Flubaroo To Do's (Flubatodo's?). Here's what's new:

Google Apps Marketplace:
Flubaroo is now (finally!) available as an app in the Google Apps Marketplace. This means your school's IT Admin can install it for all teachers in the school at once. This also makes Flubaroo available in schools where Add-ons are disallowed. Be sure to let your IT Admin or Ed Tech coordinator know ASAP!

Enhanced Autograde:
Autograde can now handle an unlimited number of submissions, and can even be left running 24/7 to handle things like online exams. And it now processes submissions much more quickly, which means less waiting for your students. See here for more about its new behavior.

More Control for Checkbox Questions:
Flubaroo could already grade checkbox style questions for partial credit. And by default, wrong choices take away points. But now you can control exactly how, if at all, wrong choices affect the student's score on the question. The %cb modifier now accepts an optional number after it to put this in your control. Read the help center article on %cb for more details. 

Updates to "Grade by Hand" tool:
The tool used to grade questions by hand has been improved. It's now faster, and for your convenience will auto-advance to the next student after you submit a score. Or, have it auto-advance to the next question instead (just change the option in the Advanced Options menu for this).

Formulas for Power Users:
For you Flubaroo power users out there, you can now use custom formulas in the Grades sheet to grade according to your own rules. See the new Flubaroo Power Users area for more details.

Two New Grading Options:
You can use these two new grading options. Note: You must first enable them from the Advanced Options menu:
  1. You can now choose to "Ignore" a question, which means it won't show up at all in the Grades sheet, or in grades shared with students.

  2. You can now choose "Copy for Reference" on a question. This is useful if you want to include a column of information in the Grades sheet for reference, but not actually have it affect the grades or emails sent. For example, you may want to duplicate a column that contains the submissions for a particular question, and then reference it in the Grades sheet when Grading by Hand. See this help center article for more details and an example.
Special thanks for our super-star volunteer Joe Schmidt. Not only does he answer all of your support questions on the forum, but he's also been extremely helpful in helping me develop and test these new features. And thank you to our community of translators who added and updated translations for Italian, Bulgarian, Finnish and French for this release!

Thanks everyone your continued use and support of Flubaroo. All the best for a happy summer!

Flubaroo Dave

New Grading Options in Flubaroo: Extra Credit and Checkbox!

posted Dec 10, 2015, 10:23 AM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Dec 10, 2015, 11:29 AM ]

Keeping the new features train rolling, I'm excited to share 2 new ways to grade questions in Flubaroo!

Extra Credit:

First, have you ever wanted to give your students extra credit on a particular question or two? No problem! Now you can mark questions as "Extra Credit" when grading:

The ability to mark questions as "Extra Credit" must be enabled in the Advanced Options menu, and is described in detail in this Help Article.

Partial Credit:

Second, would you like to give
partial credit for students who check just some of the right boxes in questions like these?

Now you can using the special %cb operator in your answer key to do so. Read full details in this Help Article.

Other Changes:

With this release I've also changed two small things in the grades that get shared with students:
    1. In addition to seeing the points they received on each question in emails (i.e. "0 points" or "+1 point"), students will now also see how many points a question was worth (i.e. "0 / 1 points").

    2. When including your answer key in emails to students, the special operators "%or" and "%to" are now displayed as || and  →.
      And the "%cs" and "%cb" operators aren't shown at all. 

      • Your answer key: red %or %blue %or green.  Student sees in email: red || blue || green
      • Your answer key: 3.14 %to 3.15.  Student sees in email: 3.14 → 3.15
      • Your answer key: %cs Sacramento.   Student sees in email just: Sacramento

Enjoy the new features, and Happy Hanukkah!


New Ways to Share Grades!

posted Nov 25, 2015, 12:01 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Dec 1, 2015, 1:02 PM ]

With this latest Flubaroo update you can now Share Grades via Google Drive, and also Print Out hard-copies of grades to distribute. Read below for more details.

Share Grades via Google Drive
Notice that the familiar 
"Email Grades" in the Flubaroo menu is now called "Share Grades".

This reflects the fact that email is no longer the only way to share grades with students! If you choose to share via Google Drive, each student will get their own Google Doc with a summary of their grades, similar to the example below:

You'll own all of the shared documents, which will be neatly stored in a folder in your Drive:

Students will be able to find their document in the "Shared With Me" section of their Drive. And if you chose to share grades via both email and Drive, then the student's email will also have a link to their shared document at the top.

Checkout this article to learn more about sharing grades via Google Drive.

Print Grades
For those of you who need hard-copies, such as for younger students, you can now also print grades as well! Flubaroo will generate a single Google Doc with grade reports for all students that can easily be printed out and distributed to students. See this article for more details on how to print grades.

I hope you enjoy the new additions. Please email any suggestions or issues to the Flubaroo Discussion Forum (flubaroo-discussion-forum@googlegroups.com).

Dave (author of Flubaroo)

Just in time for Fall: Grading By Hand, More Languages, and Faster Grading

posted Jul 20, 2015, 3:59 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Jul 27, 2015, 3:12 PM ]

I'm happy to announce some new features, just in time for Fall!
[Image used with permission from the Google For Education G+ post]

Grade By Hand:
Flubaroo now supports a brand-new feature called "Grade By Hand". Now with this long-awaited feature, you can assign any score you like to a question in Flubaroo. For example, you could grade a short-answer question, an essay, or even something captured with a smartphone's camera (provided the student submits the photo's link). 

Read all about it in this help center article.

House Keeping:
I've made some improvements behind the scenes, including:
    1. Flubaroo now remembers your selections for Steps 1 & 2 of grading!
    2. Speed! You should find grading a little bit speedier now, especially for the Autograde feature.

More Languages:
Flubaroo now supports Portuguese, Polish, Danish and Czech, thanks to contributions from these dedicated folks:
    • Danish: Michael Merrild
    • Polish: Andrzej Batorski
    • Portuguese: José Tavares, Fabricio Garmus, Rodrigo Vale
    • Czech: Marek Adler

Happy Grading!

Deck the Halls with Flubaroo "autograde"

posted Dec 5, 2014, 3:27 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 10:09 PM ]

Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah! It's time for a holiday release of Flubaroo!

Some new bells and whistles in this release:
Flubaroo also now includes the student's grade as a percent in the email sent to them, in addition to their raw points.


Grade Assignments Automatically:

But the biggest star of this release is the new autograde feature, which allows students to automatically (and quickly) receive their grades after submitting their response. This is useful when you want students to get their results quickly, and without your intervention. Given the quick feedback, it also allows for students to quickly re-submit after reviewing their performance.  

The autograde feature can also be used for teacher or employee development by setting up a self-grading exam. Teachers will receive an email indicating their score, and the exam administrator can easily check the Grades sheet to see who in their organization has/hasn't passed.

To learn more about autograde, and how to set it up, see the help article.

How Do I Get The New Version?

If you're using the Flubaroo Add-on in the new Google Sheets, then you already have the new version! To verify, check that you're running "Version 18" by selecting: Flubaroo > About Flubaroo.

HUGE thanks to freelance developer Andrew Roberts for contributing much of the code to make autograde a reality, helping Beta test it, and doing a lot of cleanup of the Flubaroo code along the way!

Enjoy the new features, and have a Happy Holiday Season!


Flubaroo Add-on for new Google Sheets!

posted Mar 11, 2014, 10:15 AM by Dave Abouav

Haven't you heard? Google is launching a new version of Google Sheets which is even better than before!! The new Google Sheets also supports Add-ons, which extend the capabilities of the spreadsheets. Much like apps for your smartphone, these Add-ons can be written by anyone, rated by users, and of course installed by you. And now, the Add-on for Flubaroo is available to install!

By sheer coincidence, this comes exactly 3 years after the first version of Flubaroo was released. So to celebrate the Add-on, and Flubaroo's 3rd birthday, I'm excited to introduce a brand-new logo for Flubaroo! Big thanks to Katelyn Zaleski who used her awesome creative skills to design the new logo!

You'll find that Flubaroo runs much faster in the new Google Sheets, so your grading should take even less time than before! Add-ons also only need to be installed once (not in each spreadsheet), and support auto-updates. That means you now only need to install Flubaroo once, and forever more you'll have the latest and greatest version!

If you're already using the new Google Sheets, you can install the Add-on using the button below! And while you're there, be sure to rate and review it!
If you're still using the old version of sheets for now, that's OK. You can still continue to use Flubaroo as usual by installing it from the Script Gallery. But the version of Flubaroo in the Script Gallery will no longer be updated or actively supported. So why wait? Upgrade to the new Google Sheets today!!

Happy Flubaroo'ing!!


Hey math and science teachers... grade numerical ranges with Flubaroo!

posted Jan 6, 2014, 7:15 AM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Jan 6, 2014, 1:08 PM ]

You can now grade numerical ranges with Flubaroo (version 3.1)! A BIG THANKS goes out to Andrew Roberts (andrewroberts.net) for coding up this latest feature for Flubaroo! 

This new feature is useful for math or science assignments, in which the exact precision of the answer doesn't matter much. For example, consider this sample question:

      Sample question: What is the area of a circle of radius 5cm? Give your answer in cm^2.

If a student uses 3.14 as their value for PI, then they would get an answer of 3.14 * 52 = 78.500 cm2. But if they use 3.14159, they would get: 3.14159 * 5^2 = 78.5398 cm2. As an instructor, you probably want to mark both possible answers as correct (and anything in-between).

To ensure Flubaroo does this, you can enter your answer key as:

      78.5 %to 78.54

Here, the special %to operator tells Flubaroo to expect a numerical answer that falls between the numbers given. Strictly, for a range of A %to B, an answer x will be correct if A <= x <= B (note the equals signs).

But wait, there's more....

Because Flubaroo is expecting a numerical input for this question, the student could also enter 7.85e1 (shorthand for 7.85 * 101), and Flubaroo will also mark is as correct. So you see, a student can enter their answer in a variety of numerical formats, and all will be graded as correct so long as they fall within the acceptable number range. So all of the following submissions would marked as correct: 78.5, 7.58e1, 785e-1, etc....

Lastly, we all know that students make mistakes when entering answers. Specifically, a student may not realize that you're looking for just the numerical part of the answer, and might also include the units like this: 78.53cm2.  Don't worry, before grading Flubaroo will throw away any text following the number, so this will be marked as correct too! 

I'll be testing this out in my own physics class this quarter, and will be happy to advise on how it went for those interested.

Happy Flubaroo'ing, and thanks again to Andrew!


Introducing Flubaroo 3.0!

posted Jun 19, 2013, 3:15 PM by Dave Abouav   [ updated Jun 28, 2013, 10:58 AM ]

I'm excited to announce a brand new version of Flubaroo!

This version has been a year in the making. The code has been completely re-written from the ground-up to make it faster, more reliable, and easier to add features to. Flubaroo 3.0 will be available in the Script Gallery starting June 24. Just install it from the Gallery on a new spreadsheet, or follow these instructions to upgrade an existing installation of Flubaroo. 

Want to contribute to Flubaroo? I'm holding a contest for a new logo and icon for Flubaroo, which will replace the current chalkboard logo in the next version. See here for details.

Now without further ado, let's see what's new!             #flubaroo   #flubaroo30

1. Flubaroo just got a whole lot smarter: Smarter Emailing

Does this scenario sound familiar: You email everyone their grades, but then another student takes the assignment late. In order to email her grade, you now have to email all the students again!

Well, fret no more! Flubaroo now only sends grades to students who have not yet
received an email!

You'll find an additional column in the Grades sheet called: Emailed Grade?
Flubaroo will place an "x" in this column when it emails a student their grade, and will then ignore these students if asked to Email Grades again. Want to send a student their email again? No problem: just remove the "x" by hand, and then select Email Grades.

2. Help Tips for Each Question

When emailing grades, you can optionally send all students "Help Tips" for each question. These tips will be included with each question when you email students their grade.

To insert Help Tips:
  1. Select "Edit Help Tips" from the Flubaroo menu (see picture on right).
  2. Flubaroo will switch to the Student Submissions sheet. In row #2, just under the questions asked, enter an optional Help Tip in the cell below any question. The picture below shows an example.

Note that in this example there is no Help Tip entered for the second question, so none will be emailed for that question.

If you'd like to remove a Help Tip, just delete the text, or delete the entire row to get rid of them all. 
Once you've entered all your Help Tips, you can select "Hide Help Tips" from the Flubaroo menu if you don't care to see them anymore.

Important Caveats:
  • Cell A2 (where the submission time would go) must be left blank, so don't write in there.
  • If you've made changes to Help Tips *after* grading the assignment, you will need to re-grade it before Flubaroo will recognize your changes!!

3. Individualized Student Feedback

When emailing grades, you can optionally send each 
student individualized feedback. The message will be delivered to the student in the email with their grades, along with any message you may have also supplied for the entire class.

To create or edit individualized feedback:
  1. Select "Edit Student Feedback" from the Flubaroo menu. 

  2. You'll see a column appear in the Grades sheet titled: Feedback for Student (Optional)

  3. Enter feedback for your students into this column, in the row belonging to that student (see picture for example).  This feedback will be emailed to their student with the grade.
Tip: Once you're done adding and editing feedback, you can hide it by selecting "Hide Student Feedback" from the Flubaroo menu. This will keep your Grades sheet looking nice and tidy.

4. ¿Hablas Espanol? No hay problema, so does Flubaroo!

Flubaroo now supports users who don't speak English, with Spanish as the first language 
supported (since Spain is the #3 user of Flubaroo by country). To switch to Spanish, just select "Set Language" from the Flubaroo menu, as shown in the picture to the right.

Once you choose "
Español", Flubaroo will switch the following to Spanish:
  • Names of columns and fields in spreadsheets.
  • Names of sheets (see picture to right).
  • Emails sent to instructors and students.
  • All text in the Flubaroo user-interface. See picture below for an example.

Note that you only need to change the languages once, after which it will affect
all spreadsheets where you have Flubaroo (v3.0) installed. You can switch back to
English if you like, but take note that text already written to spreadsheets (such as column names and sheet names) will not be translated back to English when you do. So I suggest you only switch languages if you're serious and intend to stick with it.

Parlez-vous Français? Want to help add another language to Flubaroo? Contact dave@edcode.org for information on how you can help! All of the translations in this version were supplied by Spanish speaking individuals in the Flubaroo community! Special thanks and praise goes out to these users for providing all of the Spanish translations!!!
** Felipe Calvo **    ** Gabriel Crivelli ** 
** Luis Escolar **    ** Iñaki Fernández **
** Manuel Fernández **   ** Gatech López **

5. Easier to Read Emails

Remember that big ugly table sent to your students when you emailed their grades? It's been replaced by this easier to read, cleaner format:

6. Other Fixes and Improvements
  • Frozen rows and columns have been added to the Grades sheet, making it easier to navigate
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed, and some minor speed improvements have been made.

Please see these instructions to show you how to upgrade an existing installation of Flubaroo to the latest version.

Happy Grading!
-- Dave (dave@edcode.org)

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