New Ways to Share Grades in Flubaroo!

Post date: Nov 27, 2016 12:09:44 AM

Today's release includes new ways to customize the information students see when you share grades with Flubaroo. Read on to learn all about it!

Select Which Questions to Include:

When sharing grades, you can now specify if you want to include only questions that the student got correct, incorrect, or both. See this article for instructions.

Hide a Student's Own Responses:

When Flubaroo shares grades with students, by default it will quote the response that a student gave to each question. You can now change this behavior though so that a student's own response will not be quoted. This can help with concerns about sharing answers with other students post-quiz. See this article for details.

Support for Standards Based Grade Reporting:

Does your school use a standards based method for reporting grades, rather than traditional letter grades or percentages? If so, this may help. You can now choose to hide the students percentage score, and even their point score, when sharing grades. See this article for more.

Other Improvements:

  • You can now assign more than 10 points per question [article].

  • Customize the email sender name that students see [article].

  • There's now an option to include the answer key for "Grade by Hand" questions when sharing grades.

  • Look for the checkbox in "Advanced Options".

We hope you find these improvements useful! And as always, we love feedback. Happy Holidays!

The Flubaroo Team